What does it mean to be a Licensee with Laundry Ladies Inc.?

Becoming a Laundry Lady Licensee allows you the comforts of starting your own business without the hassle of creating a new website, setting up a new email address, figuring out an invoicing system, understanding branding etc. You are your own boss.  You will be considered a Licensee/Independent Contractor.  This means that you are self-employed, running your own business, yet you are part of an already established company. Essentially, you don’t have to re-create the wheel, we have done it already!  You can set your own work schedule and hours of operation.  You will determine your own pricing structure for your business and how far you are willing to drive to accept new customers.  You are responsible for any expenses you accrue with your Laundry Service business.  Items pertaining to your business are usually accepted as write offs for your end of the year taxes (please consult with your tax accountant for additional details/questions).  No taxes will be taken out of your monthly paychecks.  You will be responsible to submit the Laundry Ladies, Inc., 1099 MISC form to your personal tax accountant at the end of each calendar year. Your relationship with the Laundry Ladies, Inc. is that of an independent contractor/licensee, and nothing in these guidelines, the Term of Use, or any additional agreement is intended to, or shall be construed to create a partnership, agency, joint venture, employment or similar relationship between you and the Laundry Ladies, Inc.

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Ready to make time for the things you want to do most in life?

Become a Laundry Lady Licensee and control your own future, work schedule & work/life balance.

Become your own boss and choose the customers and service locations that you desire. Make new and interesting connections with clients and within your community.

Feel proud of creating a small business of your very own… just by doing a load of laundry!