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{First Last}
{First Last}ZIp codes I service: {lowest to highest}
A Laundry Ladies Licensee Since: {Month & Year}

Laundry Lady {First Last Name}

Personal Bio – two 4-6 sentence paragraphs.

  • I pride myself on (talk about your laundry business accomplishments). Write about why you enjoy being a Laundry Lady Licensee and small business owner. Include a few things about yourself (background, family, children, hobbies, other).

Rates & Measures

  • Laundry Service for: Residential {VALUE}
  • Major Credit/Debit Cards Accepted: All
  • Minimum Order Size Per Pound: {VALUE}
  • Laundry Service Rate Per Pound: ${VALUE}
  • WEEKLY Laundry Service Rate Per Pound: ${VALUE}
  • SAME-DAY Service Rate Based on Availability: ${VALUE}
  • Laundry Pick-Up OUTSIDE of my zipcode area: ${VALUE}
  • MISSED Pick-Up Charge if your laundry is not left out for pick-up: ${VALUE}

Comforters & Pillows (per item)

  • King Size Comforter: ${VALUE}
  • Queen/Full Size Comforter: ${VALUE}
  • Twin Size Comforter: ${VALUE}
  • King Size Pillow: ${VALUE}
  • Standard Size Pillow: ${VALUE}
  • Specialty Pillow starting at: ${VALUE}

Hangers & Ironing (per item)

  • CUSTOMER provided HANGER: $0

  • My per HANGER rate: ${VALUE}

  • per CLOTHING item: ${VALUE}
  • King SHEET: ${VALUE}
  • Queen/Full SHEET: ${VALUE}
  • Twin SHEET: ${VALUE}
  • Queen/Full DUVET COVER: ${VALUE}
  • TABLECLOTHS starting at: ${VALUE}

Pet Bedding & Sleeping Bags (per item)

  • Large Pet Bed: ${VALUE}
  • Medium Pet Bed: ${VALUE}
  • Small Pet Bed: ${VALUE}
  • Sleeping Bag: ${VALUE}

{First Last Name} Terms of Use, Service Agreement and Refund Policy


Laundry Pick-Up Request

{First Name} will respond to your request shortly.

Please click on the Laundry Pick-Up Request button to schedule your laundry service.
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{First Last Name} Fan Club

{First Name} provides the best laundry service! She was on time picking up and delivering my laundry. Her folding skills are amazing and it is fantastic to have all of your laundry washed and ready to put away.{First Name} is the sweetest!

{First Name, Last Initial.}, {City, Ca}

Ready to make time for the things you want to do most in life?

Become a Laundry Lady Licensee and control your own future, work schedule & work/life balance.

Become your own boss and choose the customers and service locations that you desire. Make new and interesting connections with clients and within your community.

Feel proud of creating a small business of your very own… just by doing a load of laundry!