How does the pickup, delivery & payment processing work?

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After you have submitted your Laundry PICK-UP Request form for laundry service via our website, your Laundry Lady will confirm with you directly. Your Laundry Lady will pick up your laundry at your front door or other specified area. Your Laundry Lady will sort your laundry, wash, dry, fold and confirm your laundry fee/charges.  Your Laundry [...]

Where will my laundry be cleaned?

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Most Laundry Ladies work from home and pride themselves on providing a personalized service in a clean environment for their customers.  Laundry Ladies are unable to offer laundry service in your home as they are not licensed and insured to do so.  Did you know?  Anyone can become a Laundry Lady or Laundry Lad Licensee.  If [...]

How and where do I leave my laundry? What if I am not home?

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No problem.  We understand that everyone is busy and might not be home at the time of pick up or delivery.  Please put your laundry in a basket, hamper, plastic bin or other structured container so that the laundry will remain folded easily.  You can leave it at your front door or other specified area.  If [...]

When will my laundry be returned?

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Your Laundry Lady will return your laundry typically within 24 hours, with the exception of Fridays, holidays and if emergencies arise.  If your laundry lady needs additional time to complete your laundry service, she will contact you directly to make arrangements. Your convenience is our priority. The pick up and delivery times are flexible. We generally [...]

What happens if something is missing or damaged?

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Our Laundry Ladies care for your clothes as if they were their own.  They understand that you are trusting them with your laundry and your trust is very important to them.  Your laundry goes directly from your hands to theirs.  No third party person/place is doing your laundry.  It will NEVER be washed with anyone else’s [...]

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