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Laundry Pick-Up Request

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Laundry Pick-Up Request
Ashley Krueger

Bend, Oregon

Zip codes I service: 97701, 97702, 97703, 97704, 97705, 97706, 97707
A Laundry Ladies Licensee Since: 2016

Laundry Lady Ashley Krueger

**** I will be out of town from June 10th – 25th ****
I am more then happy to schedule a pickup prior or for when I get back from our trip.

I have been a Laundry Lady since 2016 and love it! I pride myself with my attention to detail and great communication with my customers. My husband and our two young boys moved to Bend in 2018 and love being a part of a amazing community and enjoy exploring all that Bend has to off outdoors!

Rates & Measures

  • Laundry Service for: Residential and small businesses.
  • Major Credit/Debit Cards Accepted: All
  • Minimum Order Size Per Pound: 15
  • Laundry Service Rate Per Pound: $3.25
  • WEEKLY Laundry Service Rate Per Pound: $3.00
  • SAME-DAY Service Rate Based on Availability: $35.00
  • Laundry Pick-Up OUTSIDE of my zipcode area: $35.00
  • MISSED Pick-Up Charge if your laundry is not left out for pick-up: $25.00

Comforters & Pillows (per item)

  • King Size Comforter: $45.00
  • Queen/Full Size Comforter: $35.00
  • Twin Size Comforter: $30.00
  • King Size Pillow: $10.00
  • Standard Size Pillow: $10.00
  • Specialty Pillow starting at: $10.00

Hangers & Ironing (per item)

  • CUSTOMER provided HANGER: $0

  • My per HANGER rate: $1.00 per 5

  • per CLOTHING item: $3.00
  • King SHEET: $n/a
  • Queen/Full SHEET: $n/a
  • Twin SHEET: $n/a
  • King DUVET COVER: $n/a
  • Queen/Full DUVET COVER: $n/a
  • Twin DUVET COVER: $n/a
  • TABLECLOTHS starting at: $15.00

Pet Bedding & Sleeping Bags (per item)

  • Large Pet Bed: $30.00
  • Medium Pet Bed: $25.00
  • Small Pet Bed: $20.00
  • Sleeping Bag: $25.00

Terms of Use, Service Agreement and Refund Policy

Services. I will provide pick-up and delivery laundry service during the period(s) that you selected when you made your Pickup Selection during registration on my personal profile website page. Liability Disclaimer. I am not responsible for your laundry items bleeding, shrinking, fading, or otherwise becoming altered or worn by the normal wash-dry-and-fold laundry process. I will always take reasonable precautions against known problems. You agree that I may refuse to launder an item and send it back unwashed with an explanation if I think it will become damaged or damage other items. While I can assume no responsibility for items labeled HAND WASH ONLY, HANG DRY/DRY FLAT, DO NOT USE HEAT, DRY CLEAN ONLY, or that require other “special care” instructions, I may, solely at my option, try to accommodate special requests if you notify me of such care instructions. I am not responsible for, and shall not pay for, any loss, damage or theft of items left unattended by you for pick-up or delivery. I will not leave items in the possession of any other person other than you unless you have given prior consent. Missing or Damaged Items. You must report any damaged or lost items within 24 hours of delivery of your laundry. Failure to report the missing or damaged item within 24 hours shall release me from any liability for the missing or damaged item. In the event that any item is lost or damaged by me, I will, at my election, either replace the item with the same or similar garment or issue you a refund or credit for the value of that item as stated in this paragraph. If you are able to provide proof of purchase, and purchase amount of the lost or damaged item, I will provide a full refund up to a maximum reimbursement of fifty dollars ($50.00) per item. I am not liable for any preexisting damage to a garment or other items and reserve the right to return any item without cleaning it if any preexisting damage is found or if I have a concern about the colorfastness or the age or weakness of the fabric. Payment and Fees.  All online payments shall be made by you the “customer” through our secured payment system; we do not accept cash or checks. Your credit card information will be processed securely by our third-party credit card processor. If you have provided a credit card on file for payment. We reserve the right to charge you on said credit card for any fees. Missed/Unattended Pickup or Delivery. If you miss a scheduled pickup or delivery, you must coordinate with me to reschedule the delivery and pay a missed pickup fee. Termination. I am committed to your complete satisfaction. I reserve the right to discontinue the laundry service at any time and for any reason. Notice Requirements. You are responsible for the accuracy of your account information on file, including but not limited to your current mobile phone number, permanent home phone number, email address, and permanent home address. I am not responsible for you missing notifications or service announcements because of any out of date or invalid contact information. Miscellaneous: This Agreement and any documents referred to herein constitutes the complete, exclusive and entire Agreement between you and me. This Agreement may be amended or changed by me, provided that I provide notice of such changes and that you ratify such changes by your continued use of the Services. You may not assign or otherwise transfer this Agreement. Upon your authorization to commence work, the terms of this Agreement shall be binding upon parties and constitutes the entire understanding between the parties.

Laundry Pick-Up Request

Ashley will respond to your request shortly.

Please click on the Laundry Pick-Up Request button to schedule your laundry service.
Laundry Pick-Up Request

Ashley Krueger Fan Club

"Ashley is AMAZING!! I started laundry service this week - service and professionalism are awesome, turnaround is insanely quick, and the price is affordable! I highly recommend it!!"
Adrienne S.,
"This is such a great service! I have a very busy work schedule and laundry is the last thing I want to do when I get home. With free pickup and delivery how could I not use them! I highly recommend"
Morgan V.,

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